PORK Share

New & Improved

Now Customizable

This share consists of an assortment of fantastic Berkshire and heirloom black pork cuts. Berkshire and heirloom  Largeblack are heirloom breeds which yield marginally darker meat, juicier cuts, and unbelievable flavour. Our pigs are raised on bush and pasture, with a daily taste of grain and plenty of cull vegetables and eggs.

As a member of the pork share, you could receive a mix of chops, roasts, and/or smoked ham roasts. Sausages and bacon are often included as well. All meat is skillfully cut by a local family run abbatoir, and comes frozen wrapped in brown butcher's paper

how do you customize this?

  • You will fill out a survey upon sign up, where you fill out your preferences on our meat cuts.
  • Depending on our inventory and your preferences, a share will made for you based on what you like and whats available.
  • Depending on your preferences, you will receive anywhere from 3-6lbs of pork.

*preferences can be changed at anytime throughout the season*


$35 / month for 5 months
(Total : $175 Summer 2018)


 8 months
(Total : TBA Winter 2018/19)



No Charge


$7* / Delivery

*exceptions apply


$2 / Delivery