ECOSOURCE Alternative Avenues

A great Local Food Initiative, featuring yours truly! Check it out!

"The Alternative Avenues project has officially come to a close and we are excited to be able to share with you the project video that highlights some of the local food pilot projects that happened in Durham, Peel and Thunder Bay. We are also excited to share with you the “Alternative Avenues to Local Food in Schools: Ingredients for Success” report that was written by myself, Jody Mitchell, and Carolyn Bailey. The report provides the current school food context in 3 regions, Durham, Peel, and Thunder Bay, details 7 pilot projects, and includes 8 “Ingredients for Success” or guidelines for implementing local food projects that resulted from the pilots. As you continue to bring local food and food literacy to students, we hope that this report is helpful for you. There are lots of inspiring local food projects and tips!"

Coreen Jones

School Food Coordinator

You can find the video here:

You can find the report here: