Attention all Guide, Cub, Scout, Pathfinders, & Brownies,

 Church, youth  & other special after school groups:



 Must pre-book a spot FOR YOUTH GROUP NIGHTS in advance*

We like to know well in advance so we can be prepared !

-Thank You :)

Email for rates 






LArge family groups and birthday parties;

You must be a group over 20+people and you must call at a minimum of 2 days before your visit.


*Pumpkin included for each person

3 and under is free

Only applicable within families, no mass groups of only 3 y.o-group rate will apply

we HAVE designated eveningS for the night maze for your youth groups to VISIt: 

offering the evenings of: 

October 24,25, & 26  of 2018

Arrival 6pm or later.


(includes hot chocolate)

Day care groups

(with multiple 3 and under children)

*3 and under ‘free’ rule does not apply in this situation



Please let us know in advance if you wish to attend any of these evenings, and we will book you a spot.

School groups wishing to arrange field trips, please contact for details

*Must pre-book and pay for the group in one lump sum to receive discount