Accepted to Ontario Artisanal Chicken Program

We are VERY proud to announce that we have been officially accepted to the Chicken Farmer's of Ontario's Artisanal Chicken Program!

Why should you be excited?

This means that we can now raise up to 3000 birds for sale in our CSA shares and our store, and we intend to do just that.

With an enormously increased flock size, we can now provide even more chicken shares to the public, hopefully eliminating the constant 'SOLD OUT' banner of years past (members will know the struggle of signing up before chicken shares sell out!) We are also looking to offer new cuts, such as Halved chickens (offered as a share this summer!), and possibly even breasts, wings and thighs for sale in the store in the future.

We are going to take all the knowledge and experience gained from raising our highly successful small flock the past few years to translate it into another happy, healthy, and DELICIOUS round of birds for you, our valued customers, this summer.  

Stay tuned!