love grows in fields


After graduating agricultural college together in the spring of 1993, steve & lisa married & began expanding the already successful family cattle & sweet corn business.

It wasn't long before they began growing other crops, and in 1999 the Cooper's began attending local farmer's markets with their harvest. At this time, they also established a roadside stand in Newmarket. Another big change came when Steve added a herd of goats to his repertoire, and the Cooper's began offering even more variety to the public.

In 1995 Cayla Crea was born, and in 1996 Trenton Lang followed, adding to the rapidly expanding and very busy farm! Trenton and Cayla both work on the farm with their parents, helping to make this farm flourish. A true family run operation, the roots of hard work and honesty were instilled in Trenton and Cayla at a very young age through their work in the fields, pastures, and markets. Both children take on daily chore loads to contribute to the success of the family farm. Cayla can be found working at the corn stand, farmers' markets and washing eggs, whereas Trenton works with Steve on the farm doing everything from chores to cutting hay when he's not off playing rugby .

In 2003 Lisa transitioned to working full-time on the farm; a dream both Steve and Lisa had entertained for many years. In 2006, their combined hard work and enthusiasm led to the creation of “The Uxbridge Maize” followed by an incredibly successful “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) program in 2007 – both of which have been heartily embraced and enjoyed by the community.

In 2010, Steve & Lisa were honoured with the prestigious national "Outstanding Young Farmers" award, for their ACHIEVEMENTS in sustainable, successful farming & business practices.

The Coopers are driven by their committment to bridging the gap between field and plate, leaving their customers hungry for more. A creative, hard-working, and down-to-earth team, Steve and Lisa Cooper have embraced their entrepreneurial edge, transforming Cooper's Farm into a place for families, laughter, and great food.


Today, Steve and Lisa have added even more diversity to the family farm. In moving away from raising goats, the Cooper's have transitioned to raising and breeding Berkshire pork. The pasture is rounded out with chickens, cows, turkeys, a few goats, and even sheep! This won't be where they stop however, as they are always learning, changing, and evolving. As of winter of 2017 they have added making maple syrup to the list of farm enterprises.


Trenton Cooper

We proudly announce that our son has decided to take on farming as a part of his future career.

He graduated with top honours from his Heavy Equipment Technician program at Conestoga College, winning multiple scholarships for his hard work. As he plans to pursue work in his field, he still has a love for farming and wishes to continue the Cooper Legacy!

Why this is such exciting news is that Trenton will now claim the title of 7TH GENERATION of the Cooper Family to Farm here in Ontario.


150 years of farming

The Cooper Family has been ‘Recorded’ Farming since 1810! That’s over 200 years of working Ontario soil.

We, and many other Families, were recognized by Durham Region for this and were graciously awarded a certificate and a sign! Very humbling as they did this research for us and we only assumed maybe around 1oo years of family had been farming.

Trenton is in the process of purchasing his grandparents farm and has plans to start a business of his own later on. For now he plans to work for Cooper’s CSA Farm full time being mentored by ‘ma & pa’, Steve and Lisa Cooper.

We are very proud and happy that he claims the 7th Gen title. His carries the Family name very well and we are excited to see what is to come for Trenton!