Sustainability and a good environment for the birds.

Sustainability and a good environment for the birds.


We raise our turkeys indoors for the first few weeks, they are very fragile until they are old enough to be outside. Once they reach this age, turkeys are hard as rocks and can handle anything!

Once they are ready to be out side, we keep them in our ‘Poultry Tractors’. A shelter that allows a grass bottom and keeps the birds protected from the elements. Everyday we move the shelters forward so the birds have a fresh patch of grass.

This method of grazing provides the birds with mostly grass and bugs to munch on then given a bit of grain each day. Everyday we move the shelters, not only do the birds get a fresh patch but our fields are fertilized from the turkeys manure! We can move the houses all over the farm.

2019 turkey shares

Available for thanksgiving

Very limited quantity

Check our out HARVIE site for prices & sign up.

*** Like all of our meat, the turkeys are FROZEN. We do not do fresh as we are not set up for that and we prefer this method for food safety and to prevent food waste.