(Aka, the fine print)

For frequently asked questions, please refer to our FAQ Page.

Cancelling a share

We grow our crop knowing there are a certain number of customers for our products. When you sign up, you are guaranteeing to take a share of the harvest, so there would need to be extenuating circumstances (case by case scenarios) to allow someone to leave.

If that were to happen, the refund policy is to deduct the cost of any weeks of products already received, minus a 20% administrative fee.



If you sign up for a share mid-season, the cost will be pro-rated (meaning you only pay for the boxes you receive, not the ones you missed)



While we try our best to ensure the boxes are the same from Tuesday delivery to Sunday store pick up, sometimes our crops or the weather just does not cooperate. This could be why your box may be different from a friend's.

In these rare cases where we do not have enough of one product to finish out the week, we will sub in an item of equivalent value. We also keep track of who gets what, to ensure everyone gets an item the same number of times throughout the season.

Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers right. If you ever feel Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze has let you down, give us a call or email and we'll make it right - simple as that!