Beef Share

Now Customizable

Our beef is antibiotic and hormone free, and is grass fed on rotational pasture with a small daily supplement of grain. All our meat is cut by the skilled hands of a local family abattoir, and comes frozen and wrapped in brown butcher’s paper.

how do you customize this?

  • You will fill out a survey upon sign up, where you fill out your preferences on our meat cuts.

  • Depending on our inventory and your preferences, a share will made for you based on what you like and whats available.

  • Depending on your preferences, you will receive anywhere from 7-14lbs of beef.

*preferences can be changed at anytime throughout the season*


5 monthly Shares


This includes prime cuts such as prime rib roasts & steak, ribeye, T-bone, Tenderloin, striploin and more. There is also ground beef, stew beef, a variety of sausages and beef ribs, hot dogs, burgers and more!

Check out our HARVIE website for all prices and sign up.


7 monthly Shares




No Charge


$7* / Delivery

*exceptions apply

(I.E TorontoDelivery- $9.00/Delivery)


$2 / Delivery