Beef Share

This monthly beef share gives you 8-10 lbs of beef each month.  The share consists of a base of 3-4 lbs of ground beef (in the form of ground, stew, patties, or sausage) and an additional 2-3 lbs of minute and flat iron steaks. The remaining 3 lbs is a variety of premium cuts including steaks and roasts. The steaks could include an assortment of sirloin, rib eye, tenderloin, blade, top sirloin, strip loin, T-bone, flat iron, minute, or prime rib steaks. Roasts include rump, cross rib, ribs (short and beef ribs), eye of the round, and sirloin tip or clod roasts.

Our beef is antibiotic and hormone free, and is grass fed on rotational pasture with a small daily supplement of grain. All our meat is cut by the skilled hands of a local family abattoir, and comes frozen and wrapped in brown butcher’s paper.


$85/ month for 5 months
(Total : $425 Summer 2017)


$85 / month for 7 months
(Total : $680 Winter 2016/17)



No Charge


$7* / Delivery

*exceptions apply


$2 / Delivery